4 Steps to Stronger Lead Nurture Campaigns

Patience isn’t just a virtue in education marketing — it’s a necessity. The education sales and purchasing cycle spans many months. And along that journey, information about your products and services passes through the hands of a number of different educators, from influencers to final decision-makers. You can move this process along, turning leads into prospects and prospects into customers, with lead nurturing.  (Agile Education Marketing has a free, in-depth guide to lead nurturing online. I’ll cover some of the topics here, but I highly recommend it...

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Accelerate Your Education Sales and Marketing

Summertime is the Right Time to Give Your CRM Some Love

The education market is constantly shifting, especially during summer. Institutions and personnel use the months while students are on break to restructure, change roles and make changes for the year ahead. Schools consolidate, open...

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Schools Are About to Close, Now What?2018 School Close Dates & a Guide to Summer Marketing

Schools will be closing for summer over the next couple of months. But just because they’re going on break, that doesn’t mean your marketing should, too.  Get an exclusive look at when schools in...

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3 Things Every Digital Learning Tool Must Have to Support Personalized Learning

Think about some of your most memorable, relevant, and positive learning experiences. What were they like? How would youdescribe your level of involvement and input during those experiences? How did they impact your thinking,...

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How to Effectively Engage with Educators Through Email

In February 2017, Agile Education Marketing asked educators all about email. Do they like receiving sales emails about education products and services? What prompts them to open and act on these emails? How many of...

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Building a “Model” Education Marketing Program That Keeps Pace with EducatorsBlackboard engineered an innovative marketing program powered by micro-targeted data that identified superintendents new to their jobs

Having worked for education technology companies for 15 years, I’ve had the good fortune to serve, educate and – most importantly – learn from hundreds of dedicated educators from across the country. And as...

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Education Data on Demand

Stay in the know with Selling to Schools